Web Development, Multimedia Production, Growth Hacking

Professional with 15+ years experience in Web Development, Audio and Video Production, Web Marketing (SEO, SEM) and Social Media Marketing

Qualifications and Specialties:
Computer Science – High School Diploma
Computer Science – Master Degree Course, 2 years attending
Philosophy (Epistemologic addr.) – Master Degree Course, 2 years attending
9+ years WordPress/PHP development
12+ year SEO experience
5+ years Python programming
7+ years Javascript programming
C, C++, Java experience
20+ years Music Composition (SIAE member) and Audio Production
Fluent in English

Currently developing and managing projects for enterprise, mid-tier companies and small businesses on several levels of conventional/unconventional communication:
website architecture design, web design, SEO, SEM, e-commerce projects, mobile apps, tv advertising (SKY, RAI).

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